Tuesday, 18 August 2009

First Anniversary of the Revival

Dear Friends,

There are two new events to take place at the Eccentric Club: our open convivial monthly meeting on the 27th of August, Thursday, at 7:13pm, and a more formal Dinner on the 11th of September, Friday, at the same time.

Both events will take place at our new home, No.40 Dover Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4NP (nearest tube: Green Park; we can also advise you on a members' parking nearby).

On 29th of August it will be exactly a year since the revival of the Eccentric Club in London, and, eccentrically enough, we shall not celebrate it on the very day. Instead, both events listed above will be dedicated to our First Anniversary of Revival. This year only our formal Anniversary Dinner will be open to non-members and members' guests, from 2010 it will be available to our members only.

We have a lot to celebrate: in just a year's time we have brought the name of the Eccentric Club back to life and placed it firmly on the map of London clubland, we have earned our Royal Patronage and ended our homelessness by finding an incredibly generous agreement with the Arts Club in Dover Street, we have attracted a hundred members from the UK and 11 other countries, signed reciprocal agreements with two clubs (one in the USA, the other one in Ireland), and have appointed two Official Representatives (in the USA and in Russia) who are 'spreading the word', promoting our goals and ideals, introducing new fellow eccentrics to the Club and our Club to them!

The best way to book your participation in either of mentioned events is to visit the following sites:

Our website has been recently renovated, particularly, its 'Members-Only' section, do have a look! If you had a login & password which no longer work, please let us know, and we'll reset them for you.

And, finally, for those of you having spare time and interested in the Club’s past, here’s some interesting links:

We are looking forward to seeing you with us soon!

Best Eccentric Regards,

Imants von Wenden
on behalf of the Eccentric Club Committee

Latest Minutes: http://www.eccentricclub.co.uk/club-committee/minutes.php
Club Rules & Regulations: http://www.eccentricclub.co.uk/hidden-docs/rules-and-regulations-2009.php

"...Eccentric essence is a blazing star,
Whose powerful rays enlighten nations far
With brilliant ideas, that illume the mind,
And raise the thoughts above the vulgar kind ;
Makes genius boundless - aloft in air it flies -
Expands in space unlimited in the skies;
From world to world it roams about at pleasur e,
And then returns with eccentric treasure
Of wit, of whim, bon-mot, and jeu d'esprit,
The very soul of Eccentricity..."
(George Weguelin, 1827)

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