Sunday, 15 March 2009

Revival of Friday the 13th Dinner was a success

On Friday, the 13th of March at 13 minutes past 7pm The Eccentric Club officially revived an old tradition of its Annual 'Friday the 13th' Dinners.

It is believed that the tradition originates in some themed dinners of the Society of Eccentrics of London held in 1780s-1800. Abandoned for some while, it was revived by the American Thirteen Club in 1880 and came back to England to the Club of the same name, many members of which became later members of the Eccentric Club.

'Friday the 13th' dinners were held until the late 1930s, but after the WWII they weren't held as often, so this year's Dinner held at the Arts Club in Dover Street, Mayfair, was a spectacular revival of one of the oldest traditions of one of the oldest London's clubs, albeit, the club itself was re-launched last August after more than twenty years of non-existence.

Everyone present, including the journalists, considered the event a success.

Photographs above: Eccentric Club 'Friday the 13th' Dinner in 1936; Photographs from 'Friday the 13th' Dinner Revival (by David Straker), 13th of March 2009.

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