Saturday, 7 March 2009

Friday the 13th Dinner in Mayfair

After a few decades of giving it a miss, the Eccentric Club members are gathering on 13th of March at 13 minutes past 7 for their traditional ceremonial “Friday the 13th” Dinner.

Allegedly, the tradition goes back to 1780s, when members of the ‘Society of Eccentrics’ ridiculed superstitions by dining surrounded by bad omens. Abandoned, it was revived in 1880s by The Thirteen Club, famous both in Britain and the US, many members of which later joined the Eccentric Club and made it an important annual event in the club’s calendar.

Members of the club argue that ‘it’s all in our minds’, that they are bad-luck immune simply due to their lack of belief into any effect of opening umbrellas indoors, walking under ladders, black cats and number 13 on their lives and business. Instead, they intend to turn it into a ‘good luck raising event’ and plan to raise some funds for their recently re-established club and public awareness about its comeback.

So, if you dare, do come and join the eccentric lot! Be ready to meet your Fortune, to enter the realm of magic... and its revelation. Be brave, be bold, be yourself for one night!

Tickets can be booked in a number of ways, including the online booking below. Price includes the welcome drink on your arrival, dinner served in backwards order, eccentric entertainment, insurance from bad luck, half a bottle of wine per person and a refreshing tea or coffee before you leave. Dare to come and find out what else is on the menu...

Members and their guests - £50.00
Non-Members - £65.00


The Arts Club
40 Dover Street

(nearest tube: Green Park)

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